It’s a terrifying thing, facing the wonder of the world.

It’s a distinct terror you’ll recognize more than once if you’re lucky. You’ll know it when you stand alone, without distraction, in the face of something that’s about to stretch you. You can’t mistake it rising from your gut, into your chest until it firmly wedges itself in your mind, creating a vacuous valley between ‘before’ and ‘after’ that you now need to pull your everyday across. It’s that isolating realization that surely no one else has ever felt this way, this connection with a moment. It buckles your knees, erases the path that was just ahead of you and gives you a new one as crusaders, explorers and artists. 
“As a filmmaker, my greatest sense of accomplishment occurs when I create visual stories that inspire humans to take action and contribute to their world.” – Dylan Melcher

Virgin Islands:

Much of the new album is about dreams and Higher is for all my fellow daydreamers out there.  Its about how we use escapism to function in everyday society and how important it is for some of us to turn off for a few moments a day. How creativity thrives when we take the time to wonder.  How cell phones and being connected all the time are killing the daydreamer (i.e. how many people do you see at red lights with a cell phone?).  How boredom leads to daydreaming and how daydreaming leads to creativity.  How the subconscious finds its way into our reality.  How these behind the scene thoughts can train our personalities and daily lives.  How daydreaming is a form of meditation and relaxation.
We filmed the music video for higher in the BVIs.  No phones, no showers, no air conditioners, no grocery stores, no way to escape the gnarly seas that rocked us in the middle of night.  We stayed in a old school 39 foot monohull for 10 days and explored the surrounding islands.  At one point, we went 4 days without seeing another soul. Felt so good to get some down time and reconnect with what matters most in this life… friends and family.  Getting off the grid and living off the land again felt absolutely refreshing and in a way it was a bit surreal.  Id dreamed of this place but had never actually been here.  

We met up with a young Spanish couple sailing around the world who happened to be in Tortola during our scheduled trip. Their guidance inspired the entire video. You know when u meet people for the first time but you feel like you’ve known them forever? That’s Marta and Rafa. The most jovial and kind sailers I’ve ever met.

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Yosemite & Sequoia:

Wonder can be found in many media, but few connect us in more varied and surprising ways than nature and music. Long before we were bringing these two together on screen to create music videos, people like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt knew that wonder had no agenda, no conflict, no political boundaries. It’s the human baseline in all of us, and human connections are why The Hip Abduction began creating music in the first place. THA collaborated with filmmaker Dylan Melcher to explore and share two of the most wondrous fruits of Muir and Roosevelt’s labor, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, for THA’s latest single release “Before We Lose Our Mind.” Laying our art form at the feet and peeks of the mountains and trees we explored, we hope to restore the pursuit and preservation of the wonder in our wild.
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