Fall Tour w/ Galactic, ALO, Moon Taxi, and Umphrey’s Mcgee!

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Be in our new music video!

We are working on a new music video for Come Alive and you guys are going to star in it!

Here’s how its going to work:

1. Make a video of you or your friends being awesome while Come Alive is playing.  It could be your tribe, friends, family, co-workers… anyone! No time limit set so you could film the entire song or a 10 second clip.  Newer iphones and mobile devices are ok. Androids, GoPro’s, or digital cameras all work. Just make sure to shoot wide landscape (longer left to right), DO NOT SHOOT PORTRAIT ASPECT.

2. Be doing something that makes you happy. You could be jumping off a cliff in costa rica or taking a walk in the local park with little ole Grandma. Whatever! As long as its you being you.

3. Submit all videos to us via dropbox or Google drive by July 31st. Upload specs: 1080p / .mov or .mp4 files. Send dropbox/google link to: mail@thehipabduction.com.

4. Recommendations: Recommend not wearing logo’d clothing or gear. Underwater or near the water videos recommended also.

Please deliver videos in minimum of 1920x1080p pixel dimensions.
Preferred frame rates are 24 FPS and 60 FPS. We will accept any frame rates.
Only shoot in landscape wide aspect ratio. We will not accept any video shot in up-and-down portrait ratio.
Avoid white clothing and any clothing with logos.
Avoid all logos in general.
PLEASE NOTE: We may not be able to fit all submissions in the video.

Thats it!!  Good luck.



The meaning:  Come Alive is about the interpretation of dreams. In my case, one recurring dream led to understanding and how to cope with anxiety…. Eventually becoming free.




What’s it mean to be a dreamer

in the morning light

will it all end soon

will we get out alive

what’s it mean to see the future

in the darkess of night

does it mean something more

should i open my eyes


they all come from the mountains

they all come from the sea

my spirits and dreams are always following me


We are the wolves at play

we are the ones who sing

that youre gonna be okay

and the vibe we bring will feed the light of day

none of the dreams you have can take the world away


whats it mean receiver

of subconsciousnes

should we close up the door should we open the rest

whats it mean believer

of wolves at play

should you follow your heart or just lie awake

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summer tour announced!

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The Hip Abduction – Gold Under The Glow – new album in stores now!


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The Hip Abduction – Before We Lose Our Mind – Official Video Premiere


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The Hip Abduction – Echo Sessions – March 8th – free live in-studio online streaming performance


March 8th we’re headed to Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC to do a live in-studio Echo Sessions performance at 6PM ET that you’ll be able to stream online for free at http://iamavl.comRSVP to our Facebook event to get a reminder on that Tuesday to tune-in!